The acronym BARA stands for Behaviour Audit Risk Assessment.

We have conducted extensive quantitative and qualitative research across a range of education and care settings, with the purpose of obtaining current evidence. The initial data set contains over two thousand individual responses, which have enabled us to identify a set of ‘norms’ within these environments. These ‘norms’ outline the most recurring types of inappropriate behavior that staff members have to deal with, as recorded by the individuals in our research sample.

These have subsequently been ranked within the BARA System by volume of occurrence. This data can provide a snap shot of the current situation, but also a baseline against which interventions can be measured. Additionally, it gives purpose to monitoring, through focused recording & reporting. It can be built into a cycle of improvement.

The BARA System applies to the following settings:
  • Mainstream secondary schools
  • Mainstream primary schools (junior, infant, nursery)
  • Special schools: Communication Difficulties, Behavioural Difficulties, Severe Learning Difficulties, Units and generic combinations of these.
  • Children’s Homes
  • Foster Carers
  • Respite Centres
  • Transport providers

By completing our online questionnaire, we can supply you with a summary of the key behavioural problems within your organisation, as identified by your staff on the ground.

We can then support you in taking action to address the key issues highlighted in the survey and identify those that require priority attention and will deliver immediate impact.

Within this process, our support team will help you identify low level behaviours that are often ignored or played down, but which can lead to higher level behaviours if not addressed- sometimes refrerred to as “bush fires”.

We will also identify high-level behaviours which are harmful, challenging to authority and which may need a formal risk assessment.

Our team of experienced consultants can deliver risk assessments and train your staff in conducting dynamic risk assessments themselves, as per guidance and law.

Yes. BARA System gives an overview of the problems your organisation may face; from general cultural and organisational, to those related to specific individuals or settings. In effect, BARA System provides a road map for the remedial action required and can reduce your paperwork by looking at the situations that do and do not need recording or reporting.

Some things, once identified, you will be able to fix yourself, saving your budget and staff training time. Some may need external support, which we can provide. All of our training packages are tailored to your needs and requirements.