Welcome to the BARA System

Education and care settings face significant challenges in keeping up with the demands of behaviour management. Too often budget restrictions and time limitations result in management teams being unable to give adequate focus to addressing the critical factors outlined below.

BARA (Behaviour Audit and Risk Assessment) is a support system which provides tailored training to education and care settings on how to manage challenging behaviours and provide strategies to track and mitigate risks. We aim to ensure that our solutions focus on the specific needs of the setting and therefore derive the maximum benefit both in terms of impact and value for money.

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Behavioural Issues

  • Do you understand the specific behavioural and risk issues in your setting? Are your interventions and training specific and robust enough?


  • As an employer due you know your responsibilities e.g. Due Diligence & Duty of Care?

Health and Safety

  • Are you safeguarding your staff / children? Do you have adequate standards to reduce the risk of injury & ensure pupil / young person safety?

Value for Money

  • Is your existing staff training fit for purpose and value for money?